Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love the Blur

So I'm a slacker.....and I'm very behind on my homework.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Kitchen Sink

So definitely my favorite exercise so far. This one was REALLY hard to pick only a few - and even still I didn't pick just a few!

Still Life...and reciprocity failure

ss 0.80 f/8.0 ISO 100

ss 1/60 f/8.0 ISO 1600

I didn't have much luck with getting three variations for this one. I like to think that's reciprocity failure...who knows, could just be me. Even the second one is under-exposed and has lots of noise.

Law of Reciprocity

This exercise was to practice the Law of Reciprocity...I don't want to try and explain it to you. :D

ss 1" f/32 ISO 1600 Although the ISO is so high in this picture, it seemed to get the best lighting. The background does have quite a bit of noise in it.

ss 2.5" f/8.0 ISO 100 This one is kind of over-exposed and makes the background much more brown. Because of the long exposer there is also some blur.

ss 1/10 f/5.6 ISO 200 Despite this one being a bit under-exposed, I think it's my favorite. The almost black background and shadowed subjects make it interesting.

Sweet Spots

I had a lot of fun with this exercise. I was able to narrow it down to only post a few. We were supposed to find the "sweet spots" - change the focal point.

Depth of Field

These poor little snowmen were the victims of my depth of field exercise. In the first shot the first man or two should be in focus and by the third shot all of the snowmen should be in focus...and as you can see - my mom is also in the last shot!